Products and Services

Moris Rasik offers loans, savings, insurance and financial literacy training to its clients.

Client Segmentation

Moris Rasik has organized its clients into two segments – one who are in Groups (who are known as Group Clients) and the others are clients who are not associated with any groups (who are known as Individual Clients).

Group Clients

Group Clients are characterized by low-income micro-entrepreneurs who come together into a solidarity group. The group methodology is adopted from well-known Grameen Bank, adopted for Timor-Leste conditions. A group comprises of a maximum 5 members. Six to eight groups form a center – the management unit of the organization. All transactions between Moris Rasik and the Group clients happen in the Center Meetings organized on a weekly basis in a location that is chosen by the Group members. The Klient Staff represents Moris Rasik in their weekly meetings and is responsible for all transactions in the Center.

Individual Clients

Individual Clients are those clients who would have graduated from the Group Clients or are mid-income entrepreneurs. They are not organized in any group. Individual Clients have potential to become SME entrepreneurs.

The above mentioned group clients and individual clients are offered different type of loan and savings products.